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14 March 2006 @ 01:03 am
Yet more of my shoddy pixel-art, and this time featuring some brief profiles because I feel like writing up a bit. It's kind of relaxing to do, actually.

First off, both of the bases come from here. I added in all other details and what-not. Both characters are mine, and they don't take long at all to churn out. An hour, tops (and I'm usually on some sort of IM program).

World: Faerun
Name: Khiowlyn Serrais
Race: 1/2 Aquatic Elf
Age: Mid-forties
Profession/Class: Paladin of Deep Sashelas (Sea Elven deity), fisher
Hobbies: Swimming, fishing, mercenary work
Likes: The ocean, dolphins, nice people, warm sunlight, the colour teal
Dislikes: Psychotic idiots, blood, electricity, ale
Equipment: Chitin armour, masterwork trident, heavy wooden shield, shortsword, shortbow
Special Skills: She has gills and can swim 20ft/6 seconds; she eats fish and shellfish fresh from the sea.
Personality: Khiowlyn is a very sweet, open-minded girl who is initially very trusting, and will remain so unless shown otherwise. She has low will-power and can be easily influenced. She is passionate about what she believes in. She is well-trained and quite deadly with her trident, but only uses the weapon in defense and for good reasons. Khiowlyn is the daughter of a Sea Elven cleric of Deep Sashelas and a human sailor, both of whom are polygamists.

(She's in a sitting pose)
World: Wonderland (yes, she's from a twisted Wonderland role-play)
Name: Shirl
Race: Faerie (moth)
Age Sixteen
Profession/Class: Maid, secretary
Hobbies: Sewing, painting, calligraphy, harp-playing
Likes: The Jack of Spades and the Mad Hatter, assisting people, piano or harp music, flying, the colour red
Dislikes: Spiders, anyone from the Club Kingdom, man-eating roses
Equipment: Knitting needles and her favourite pair of mary-janes
Special Skills: Transmorphing into a moth at will, getting the Mad Hatter off the furniture, making old clothes into new
Personality: Shirl is a young maid working for the Jack of Spades, as his personal assistant. She takes care of his appointments and over-sees his agenda as well as ironing his shirts and making sure he eats. She is not completely demure, as Shirl will take charge of a situation if it falls within her area of expertise. She is sociable and calmly playful, and one of the few individuals able to calm down the Mad Hatter and his antics, mostly because she knows his real name. She takes her job very seriously, as it is a station handed down to her from her mother, and she performs well not only out of a sense of duty, but because she considers the Jack to be family, like an older brother.

And that's it. You might be able to expect that I'll do dolls of the Jack of Spades and the Mad Hatter quite soon. They are my other two characters in the Wonderland game so far. The other two are Alice and the White Rabbit, plus the Jack of Spade's butler, Edward, and his two body guards (who are NPCs). For anyone interested, Wonderland is divided into four kingdoms in this game, named after the cards, and the royal families are called the Aces. If you want to know the Jack of Spade's real name, or the Hatter's, you have to ask me nicely. :P

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Beereyel on March 15th, 2006 03:10 am (UTC)
I don't, actually. X3; I'm very quick and lazy about it. It's not especially hard, either. I think the most difficult part is the colours, creating a set of them and maintaining a sort of even from-dark-to-light change. Actually drawing hair and clothes can be difficult if you want details, but... I keep my stuff simplistic.

Thank you!