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16 March 2006 @ 10:37 pm
Get Down With the Sickness  
God, I'm spamming this place up. I am so sorry. I really am.

Someone make him stop! D: Jacques is a character based off of the nursey rhyme, Jack and Jill. I twisted him rather well, I suppose.

Jacques 1: This image is cleaner than the one below, and I chronologically place it first. He has not yet fully delved into his psychosis, driven on by a mixture of guilt, denial and obsession. This is Jacques when he is on the cusp--perhaps just after the incident which caused his insanity. He certainly looks healthier and a bit tidier. Has a bit of, er, red on him, though.
Highs: I like his hair, blood-spatter and bruising cheek.
Lows: I don't like the shape of his hair and his nose.

Jacques 2: This is Jacques somewhere down the line from the above image: an emaciated, depraved psychopath. He's far gone by this point, hallucinating quite frequently and his paranoia grows with each passing day. He loses his already fragile hold on his surroundings at the mere mention of murder, and will not climb hills, approach wells, and refuses to touch a pail. His fear of blood and lace has become utterly irrational and he talks to himself.
Highs: I like the shading on his eye and nose; his expression turned out more or less correct.
Lows: Messy as hell. Sorry. His hair was rushed, and the collar.

Name: Jacques des Collines
Age: Early 20’s
Species: Human
Physical Description: Jacques is a small man, both in stature and build, with wiry muscles. His hair is a tangled mass of golden ringlets, framing features wasted into gauntness. Lily-white skin is pulled taught across the skeletal bones of his once-comely face and his hands. His eyes are deep-set and dark, and his lips bloodless. He wears a navy coat that was once fine, the buttons mis-matched and the cuffs fraying. Beneath this, the off-white gleam of gauze can be been seen, bound about his thin wrists, across his chest and up onto his neck. His trousers are tucked into high-boots, and he carries a rapier.
Personality: He is forlorn and obsessed, on the constant search a woman named Jillian, who could be assumed to be his beloved. Jacques presents a stiff formality, engrained from habit, and talks with a cultured accent. He is wary and suspicious of any humanoid males, and very protective of women who remind him of Jillian. He reacts violently to accusations and becomes paranoid at the mere mention of the word ‘murder.’ Seeing blood or white lace also causes him some major discomfort.
Origins: Jack and Jill
General Summary: Jacques des Collines is a man obsessed and driven by a personal quest, a search for a soul-mate. He acts as if a cultured noble-man, and is recognizable for his tangled ringlets and battered finery. Jacques is paranoid, responding visciously to accusations and losing his mind if he hears the word 'murder.'

(Psst. PSST. He killed Jillian. Smashed her head in with a pail. Remember? Jack fell down and broke his crown, after all.)

Criticisms, comments and the like are encouraged and welcomed.
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Beereyel on March 17th, 2006 06:59 am (UTC)
Ears are mine enemy. Chop chop!

And for the second one, yes. I would still like a cleaner version, and may re-do that one in Open Canvas and add more torso.